VATECH unveils PaX-i dental diagnostic x-ray system with superior image quality

VATECH Co., Ltd., a global dental imaging company with headquarter in South Korea, announces the global release of its newest product PaX-i.

  • Launches PaX-i, an advanced imaging solution for Orthodontists
  • The world’s 1st product series with a diverse line-up selection for the customers.

VATECH is the company that developed Picasso Trio, the world’s first 3 in 1 system (Pano, Ceph, & CBCT).The “i” in PaX-i stands for innovation, which signifies the 10-year accumulated experience of VATECH in integrated dental diagnostic imaging equipments innovation.

2D panoramic and cephalometric (for Orthodontists) images can now be taken using PaX-i ▶ Choose from its diverse product line-up. In addition to its basic dental panoramic diagnostic unit, its Pano and Ceph provides advanced imaging solution for orthodontics. In particular, the cephalometric unit provides 2 types of imaging configurations to suit individual requirement: One Shot type and Scan type. PaX-i is the only significant panoramic product in the market that provides a wide variety of options.

Furthermore, PaX-i is the world’s first to apply highly sensitive Flat Panel X-ray Detector (FPXD sensor) for its One-shot Ceph imaging unit that renders superior image quality, which is realized specifically for orthodontic diagnosis. Now, stability has been reinforced through the use of 2 built-in sensors for Pano and Ceph, with a single sensor used interchangeably for panoramic and Scan-type Cephalometric imaging. This allows easy access to Panoramic and Cephalometric functions without the risk of dropping the sensor, a risk which is highly probable if using a detachable sensor.  It also has the shortest X-ray exposure time (0.9 seconds) that reduces radiation dose and eliminates motion artifact from patients’ movements. This product is optimized for the dental diagnostic imaging needs of Orthodontists, as well as of general dental practitioners.

PaX-i is developed entirely by VATECH through an innovative technological know-how, from sensors to software. And with the launch of PaX-i, VATECH aims to expand accessibility of ‘digital’ medical devices worldwide, through this affordable and easily accessible diagnostic X-ray imaging equipment. It also facilitates transition of an existing film market to digital.

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